A Prayer for Boston

Dear God,

I’m sure where to begin. There is no use in asking “why” of such a senseless tragedy. There will be no good answer, no answer that will bring peace or closure. This world is full of fear and hate and pain. And events like what happened in Boston force me to face that this world really is an evil place.

So God, now in this time of complete, all-consuming sorrow, make yourself known. Show yourself to be good and faithful. Motivate your people in Boston to serve and love and give in order to shed light into the darkness. I pray that you perform a mighty work in that city.

I lift up the injured and their families. Heal and teach and fix. Show yourself to be merciful and kind. May this prove to strengthen families, bringing them closer to each other and closer to you.

God, you are an expert at taking evil intentions, and turning them around for good! Be the great physician, counselor, friend. Show Boston, show the world, that you are the God of rebuilding brokenness! Have your way, o Lord.

In Jesus’s name,



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