Long Nights, Longer Days, and Trying to Say “No” (and “Yes”)

I’m tired. There are a thousand factors that go into me being tired – nutrition, sleeping, anxiety – but when it comes down to it, I am tired because I have been saying “Yes” when I should say “No” and “No” when I should say “Yes.” Does anyone feel me on this? Anyone?

For instance, today I said “Yes” to a gigantic coffee and peanut-butter-chocolatey candies. I should have said “No.” This seems to be a pattern that is developing in my life… unfortunately.

In short, I’m pretty sure that my priorities are all out of whack. I need to get some perspective; I’m pretty sure that this is my step 1.

Things to Remember:

1) Relationships are important – very important. However, don’t use them as an excuse to be a slacker (and the church said “Amen”)

2) Make your boss(es) happy – like your big boss(es), whoever that/those person/people are. You have more than one boss (let’s be honest), and some of the people you let be your bosses are unnecessary (originally I said “suck,” but I wanted to remain positive); decide which ones matter and fire the ones who don’t… Oh, and listen more carefully to the ones who DO matter.

3) You are not superwoman, and capes are dangerous (we’ve all seen The Incredibles… at least I would hope you have!)

4) Stay in your lane. I need someone to text that to me every single hour of my life. I hate staying in my lane (like literally – I love switching lanes.) But people who stay in their lane get hit and flicked off.

5) Just because you’re staying in your lane doesn’t mean that you cannot help. Help is good. Being “not stay-y in lane-y” is bad. Don’t get them confused.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “That is like the worst list of priorities I’ve ever seen,” OR, “She’s crazy. That made no sense. And we’re letting this woman teach our children!?!”

First of all, to the haters I say, “Haters gonna hate.” Second of all, these are directly listed to my priorities. You see, your priorities… I mean MY priorities (I have no clue how you think about your priorities) are directly related to how I think about myself in relationship to others. It is also related to how I think about myself in relationship to myself.

It all comes down to these… I think… maybe:

  • Trust. Trust God. Trust that He will give you what you need. Trust that right now is not forever. You see, over time I’ve lost trust. I only trust me (see #3 in the aforementioned list). That’s a problem (obviously). To have my priorities right, I have to be able to trust – completely trust. I have to be able to give up control when necessary AND take charge when necessary. Both of these (giving and taking) are related to trust.
  • Authority. I must understand who has authority in my life right now and beyond that who needs to have authority and doesn’t, and who has authority but shouldn’t. I am finding, unfortunately, that there a lot of people who I have allowed to have authority, but they really shouldn’t. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have people who need to have more authority (or authority at all) in my life, but they do not. I’m starting to fix that. (This pretty much covers numbers 1,2,4, and 5)
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. I realize that all the things in my life that need to be fixed won’t be fixed now. I also realize that when I do fix them, they may not be fixed perfectly. But hey, that’s okay… right?



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