I hate to say this, but one of the most defining things for my life thus far has been a recently-ended relationship. In my mind, we were married, so imagine my devastation when he broke up with me in June 2012. I allowed myself to be defined by him and his wants and his needs. It was bad. Anyways, there were things that happened in that relationship that I have attached meaning to. For now, this section is dedicated to me documenting the redefinition those things as me, not as the version of me that was so attached to him:

  • Redefinition #1 – Irish Car Bombs
  • Redefinition #2 – Chicago
  • Redefinition #3 – Boston
  • Redefinition #4 – Flannel Shirts

photo (3)

  • Redefinition #5 – The Words “Adorable” and “Angel”
  • Redefinition #6 – No-Real-Reason Cards
  • Redefinition #7 – Working Out and Getting in Shape
  • Redefinition #8 – Worship
  • Redefinition #9 – My Role as a Woman
  • Redefinition #10 – Karaoke

photo (4)

  • Redefinition #11 – My Birthday

photo (2)


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